Women’s Day: What Makes Women Better at Time Management, Organization, and Multitasking?

Women are the OGs. They work and strive to reach their full potential despite the prejudices they face in everyday life. It’s hard to come across as strong when there are people out there to pull you down no matter what. “Is it my abilities or is it because I’m a woman?” That’s what women think when they’re deprived of opportunities and chances that can help them reach their full potential. But despite facing dastardly challenges, women are rising up to fight for themselves and to secure a position in society where they can live independently, without any coercion or discrimination.

It is not surprising that women are often looked down upon and considered inferior to men. But let’s face it. Women are much better than men in many areas, be it multitasking, time management, or organizational skills. Women clearly have a very rational way of handling things, especially in times of crisis. They handle tasks effectively. Even those who seem “too sensitive or delicate” to handle a difficult situation get things done in a very surprising and calm way.

Divya Jain, entrepreneur and founder of jewelry brand “Toqn,” says, “Multitasking is a gift that women naturally have. We like to multi-task and multi-task, but in the end, it all comes down to balance. Balance between work and family is essential and once you get that balance, it’s simply the best of both worlds.

“Time management is a skill that I think is critically important. Time is essential and is necessary in every task we do, but learning how to manage time better is something I have learned over the years. I believe my mantra for mastering time management is to divide my day into three parts, with each part divided into family, work, and of course some time for myself.

Speaking of organizational skills, Divya believes that these skills are innate in every woman and are something that women have become very aware of from an early age. The first association they have with hierarchy is in their own homes, families and eventually they began to learn the same in their work spaces.

Indeed, several studies have observed that
women can easily switch between tasks.

The Journal BMC Psychology article suggests that men are much slower when it comes to handling tasks at an efficient speed. For centuries, women have been the guardians of their homes where they managed household chores, cared for children and other family members, as well as managing other jobs. Therefore, years of multitasking, time management, and work organization have made women highly skilled in their fields.

According to Hive, a productivity meter platform,
women work 10% harder than men in the workplace. They are given more work to do, which proves their hard work capabilities. Moreover, they are able to produce work at the same pace as others, within the given time frame, while respecting certain limits and limitations. Women too are very often confronted with a lack of resources which limits their potential and their power. But, again, many women rise above these, to emerge victorious.

Women think methodically

Apparently, in a study, Professor Keith Laws of the University of Hertfordshire observed that women are highly productive when given a set of tasks to be done in an organized and methodical manner, while respecting boundaries. time, compared to men. Many say that women are born with such abilities, and to some extent, this is actually true!

Shubhraa Maheshwari, a Chartered Accountant by profession, says, “Women are equipped to handle a business call, write an email, instruct staff, instruct domestic help and also check on the CCTV camera to check what the child does, all at the same time, without a frown on his forehead and without a complaint on his lips. This is what a woman is made of, strength, resilience and power. If an embodiment of multitasking is to be set, by default it should be a woman. So, it is valid to say that women are better at time management, organizational skills and multitasking.

But of course, the tight schedules and restrictions made it difficult for the women to concentrate from time to time. They too break. Although they struggle to show a sense of security and stability, they too feel insecure due to the expectations they have of themselves. To address this problem, Nirupama Subramanian, best-selling author, leadership coach and facilitator, co-founder of GLOW-Growing Leadership of Women and founder of Powerfulife Solution suggests, “with bundles of tough expectations and few choices, women had to become good at time management and multitasking. But, in the long run, it can be very exhausting. It is advised that instead of trying time management tools and making elaborate schedules, women learn to do three things:

To prioritize – Determine and choose where, who and what you want to spend your time on.

To delegate – It’s not important to always do things by yourself. Learn to share and give some of the work to others, such as your spouse, children, or other people in your neighborhood.

Outsource – If it exhausts you physically and mentally, completely give up activities that you cannot do on your own. Eliminate things that are unnecessary or have no value. Just make sure someone else is doing it. This. In this way, women can also learn to control power at the right time.

Women are more exhausted than men; they carry out work in the workplace and even in their household, increasing their productivity and level of work to an alarming level. But women being women, keep fighting against all odds.

So ladies, on this Women’s Day, celebrate your inner goddess, support the other women around you, and prove that you’re the multitasking genius that you are.

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