Organizational culture, knowledge management and innovation

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

Kim Glover, dDirector, Innovative Learning and Knowledge Management, TechnipFMC identified the common cultural elements required by organization-level innovation and KM during its presentation at KMWorld Connect 2020.

“Agility and a collaborative environment that fosters innovation gives employees the flexibility to test and modify ideas,” she said. She recommended companies form communities of practice, or innovation hubs, to discuss ideas and implementations suitable for the business.

“They both share ideas, troubleshoot, improve existing products, work together. And, and they really are, creativity is encouraged and collaboration is the norm. And the rule. Now, when people from different disciplines working together is more effective because each of them brings their own knowledge, perspective and abilities,” Glover said.

A diversity of thoughts and backgrounds also provides access to an experience we wouldn’t normally have, she explained.

“We can give employees a cultural element of a safe environment to fail, to innovate, to imagine and empower the organization, to give everyone the same safe potential to create. And finally, they are accessible and reciprocal to innovation “, she said.