Josh Bersin Research Reveals Organizational Culture is the Key Driver of Creating a Great Employee Experience

OAKLAND, CA., July 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Josh Bersin Company today announced a comprehensive, research-based report on employee experience (EX) trends, best practices, supporting technologies and EX maturity across all industry sectors. The report identifies the six most important principles of EX; the 15 practices that have the most impact on companies, employees and innovation; a holistic EX framework; guidance for operationalizing EX initiatives; and an analysis of the EX technology architecture.

The report in six parts, The definitive guide: the employee experience, is a response to the emergence of EX as one of the key factors in successfully adapting to new business and workforce challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. EX has grown from niche engineering projects to enterprise-wide strategic initiatives. Fortune 500 CEOs such as Microsoft Satya Nadella, Unilever Alan Jope, and GM Mary Barra all cite EX as essential for business success.

Commissioned by Microsoft, the report is based on survey respondents representing 981 companies, hours of in-depth conversations and interviews with HR and business leaders, and in-depth analysis of technology trends over the past year. The report aligns with EX’s overarching vision of today: applying design thinking and technologies to deliver HR offerings and services, organizational environments and overall work experiences that improve productivity , employee engagement and retention, and business results.

Although many view EX as a technology challenge, the six key EX principles identified by the research relate to building a culture of trust and transparency, fair rewards, continuous investment in people, and capacity building. HR.

The research found that 55% of the companies represented fall into the bottom two levels of the report’s four-level maturity model. The industry segments with the highest levels of maturity – focused on creating a purpose-driven business and equitable growth – are those that depend on innovation for business success, such as life sciences, technology and financial services.

Discussion of the report on operationalizing EX teams for success emphasizes the need for cross-functional teams, multi-year engagement, character building, and inclusion of employee feedback in all work . Its special section on EX technology, which revolves around the evolution of HR technology into work technology, identifies people analytics, knowledge management and advanced learning tools as the types of solutions technologies that support the highest levels of EX maturity.

Those interested in learning how various companies are addressing EX in the post-pandemic business climate will find case studies highlighting initiatives from Unilever, Deutsche Telekom, IBM and Kraft Heinz.

A free copy of the available report, is available here For a limited time. For information on other research conducted by The Josh Bersin Company and special services available to member companies, email [email protected].

Josh Bersin, CEO and global industry analyst, said: “Without the right leadership, capabilities, and behaviors, any progress in EX will be short-lived and unsustainable. It’s a choice to make: Do you prioritize business-centric leadership in which the business moves first and people second or do you emphasize people leadership that puts your people first? Above all, remember that the journey to a world-class employee experience is an ongoing process made possible by listening attentively to your employees.”

Kathi Enderes, vice president of research, said: “EX is multi-faceted, complex and multi-layered. No single technology project or solution will create EX excellence. Our research looks at the many different factors and dimensions involved in EX, as well as various strategies and programs. While technologies and services alone don’t lead to excellent EX, they are absolutely correlated to EX maturity.”

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