Introducing the new CDC Division of HIV Prevention organizational structure

Cross message from CDC National Center for the Prevention of HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STDs and Tuberculosis

Dear Colleague,

We are delighted to announce that October 1, 2021 marks the official establishment of the new organizational structure for the Division of HIV Prevention. For more than two years, Division management and staff have worked tirelessly to design and implement a more responsive organizational structure that fosters increased collaboration between scientific and programmatic activities to drive meaningful and lasting change in communities affected by HIV. This stand-up marks a new day for HIV prevention. Our new structure modernizes our organization and better positions us to deliver on our top priorities with renewed energy, focus and focus. These priorities include:

  • Accelerate the Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) initiative using HIV prevention indicators to guide program improvement and jurisdictional support;
  • Center health equity in all DHP internal and external activities;
  • Expand jurisdictional support to provide grantees with the technical assistance and tools they need to address their HIV prevention priorities, such as HIV inequalities and syndemics;
  • Improve the research-to-practice cycle to translate the latest evidence into programs and use programmatic priorities to inform the science of HIV prevention;
  • Lead national efforts to identify HIV clusters and epidemics and support timely and community-appropriate response; and
  • Conduct multidisciplinary research to generate the data, evidence, surveillance and tools needed to apply the best science to HIV prevention and treatment efforts.

Through the EHE initiative and other flagship programs, DHP supports health departments and community organizations in promoting HIV prevention. The new structure will allow us to refine and optimize our support for our programs and maximize their impact. We expect that this change in structure will not lead to major day-to-day operational changes for our beneficiaries. CDC has communicated with grantees to ensure they understand any structural or process changes that will be made as a result of the reorganization.

In addition to these organizational structure changes, we are also pleased to announce that effective immediately, the HIV/AIDS Prevention Division will become the Division of HIV Prevention (DHP), and the National Center for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STDs and Tuberculosis will become the National Center for the Prevention of HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STDs and Tuberculosis. The decision to remove AIDS from our titles was not taken lightly, and is the result of many years of discussion about our organization’s core mission and has been informed by discussions with our partners over the course of the last decade. We believe our new titles more accurately reflect the organization’s focus on high-impact HIV prevention, preventing new HIV infections, improving health outcomes for people living with HIV and reducing HIV-related health disparities and inequalities.

We are extremely grateful to DHP management and staff for balancing and prioritizing our reorganization efforts with day-to-day tasks, even amid the challenges we continue to face due to COVID-19. We simply could not have accomplished this transformation without their long-term commitment. DHP staff have set the vision for this important milestone, but all of our partners will play a key role in achieving the goals of the new structure. We are thrilled that this work is coming to fruition and that DHP staff are better positioned for long-term success in ending the HIV epidemic in the United States. Please join us in celebrating this important milestone for the CDC, NCHHSTP, and DHP. Together, with powerful prevention tools and partners, we will achieve our goal of ending the HIV epidemic.


/Demetre Daskalakis/
Demetre Daskalakis, MD, MPH
HIV Prevention Division
National Center for the Prevention of HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STDs and Tuberculosis
Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention

/Jonathan Mermin/
Jonathan H. Mermin, MD, MPH
Rear Admiral and Assistant Surgeon General, USPHS
National Center for the Prevention of HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STDs and Tuberculosis
Centers for Disaster Control and Prevention

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