Chunghwa Telecom announces new organizational structure effective in 2022

TAIPEI, December 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In response to market competition, rapid technological advancements and continuous innovation of new business models, Chunghwa Telecom launched the “Rise on Together, 2021” strategic transformation plan three years ago. , aiming to improve its overall competitiveness with a customer-centric organizational structure. On the last business day of 2021, Mr. Sheih Chi-Mau, President of Chunaghwa Telecom, announced that the company had completed most of the transformation, reporting strong financial results for 2021, and presented the new organizational structure of the company for 2022, which includes corporate headquarters, three business groups and three technology groups within the company. Speaking at the new leadership appointments ceremony, Chairman Sheih encouraged the new leaders of the business groups, saying the company should not only be satisfied with the good results in 2021, but also work closely together to raise the profile. business at the next level.

The three-year strategic transformation was launched in 2019 and includes four main areas of focus, including core business, emerging business, cost optimization, and upgrading core capabilities. Thanks to the continuous efforts of the past three years, the transformation has improved the company’s financial performance, which turned positive in 2020 year-on-year, and achieved continuous growth for two consecutive years despite the headwinds. of COVID-19.

Chairman Sheih said that organizational transformation is the most difficult but most important part of the success of overall strategic transformation. The company conducted regular and candid communications with its employees to build consensus. At July, 1stst, 2021, all business units in charge of enterprise activities in the company took the initiative to reorganize into a single business group to provide services. From 2022, business groups, including Consumer Business Group, Enterprise Business Group, and International Business Group, as well as technology-related units, including Network Technology Group, Data Communications Business Group, and Telecommunication Laboratories, will also start working and providing functions. In addition, the new organizational structure also allows the headquarters to strengthen its strategic planning and coordination capacities based on a customer-centric mindset, the expected DNA of the company to drive change.

To enable a smooth transition of the new organizational structure, the Chairman and President held the inaugural ceremony on the last business day of 2021, allowing the new Consumer Business Group and Network Technology Group to inaugurate on the first day of 2022. existing groups, including Enterprise Business Group, Data Communications Business Group, International Business Group and Telecommunication Laboratories, the company announced that it has successfully met its goal of providing services and functions based on a new structure centered on the customer.

Going forward, the Consumer Business Group will develop consumer and home services to meet the growing demand for safe, convenient, healthy and entertaining smart living. Backed by Chunghwa Telecom’s quality mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure, the Consumer Business Group aims to be the leading smart life service provider by offering differentiated services and creating values ​​for consumers, families and communities. .

The new Network Technology Group is the company’s most valuable, reliable and trustworthy ICT infrastructure platform to meet Internet demand, and is committed to building a smart network of new cloud-based generation with software-centric technologies. Through action plans such as Fixed-mobile convergence“, “Cloud-network convergence,and Open network architecture, etc, the group aims to establish the common network, common management, cloud site, innovative and intelligent infrastructure, and provide high-quality and future-oriented network services.

Chunghwa Telecom is the leading telecommunications brand with a long and proud history in Taiwan and is also well placed to proactively respond to the challenges ahead. Kuo Shui-Yi, chairman of Chunghwa Telecom, said he expects the move towards a customer-centric organization to continue to take root in the company’s culture. In doing so, the company expects to thrive in a competitive environment within the ESG framework and rapidly develop innovative technologies and business models to enhance the digital economy, as Chunghwa Telecom also aims to enable industries and enterprises to be more competitive and sustainable in the 5G era. .


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