open share links close share links COVID-19 has disrupted traditional working arrangements: remote and hybrid working have expanded geographic possibilities, while shortened work weeks and flexible hours have changed the parameters of the traditional workday and worker expectations . In this new era, leaders at all levels of the companyRead More →

Leaders can best approach change fatigue with a message of enduring optimism, not self-sacrifice. Copyright 1979AP. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. There’s a miasma that seems to be sweeping through the general population this summer, with potentially damaging implications for organizations asRead More →

According to a July 18 LatePost report, Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili continuously adjusted its organizational structure over the past week, involving several business departments and six business leaders. The first major set of changes concerns the company’s marketing department. Liu Zhi, Vice President of Bilibili and former head ofRead More →

Photography: Shutterstock UNFI is making leadership changes that will be structured around four growth service platforms: wholesale, retail and corporate and business transformationProvidence, RI, based distributer said last week. “We are on an aggressive path to drive shareholder value by helping to create sustainable, profitable growth with and for ourRead More →

Traditional hierarchical structures are not enough in most companies, which is why flat organization is becoming more and more popular in the business world. With a flat organizational structure focused on human-centered leadership, you can prioritize adaptability, empowerment, and open communication within your team. As a result, you will reapRead More →